We touched on several topics in this workshop. Mainly grabbing some basic items from the Drexel Store (Teleport, Board, Simple PPT). There were also a few items people had questions about which I'm going to try and touch on.

Using Items from the School Store
All of these item can be "Bought" from the Drexel School Store by right clicking and choosing "Buy". Do not worry all of these items are are $0 Lindens.

Board with URL Giver

  1. Once this item is in your inventory, simply drag it from your inventory to the world
  2. Once in the world right click on the item and choose "edit..."
  3. This will bring up the "Build" menu, from here you can reposition, rotate, set permissions, modify the name and link but the most important is changing the name, link, and texture
  4. To change the name simply Change what is in the "Name" field under the general tab
  5. The description field is actually the link, so update that to go to your page
  6. Now to update the texture, you'll need to upload a file and this will cost you a 10 lindens (which is 4 cents)
    1. To upload an image go to File -> Upload Image
    2. Find the image file on your hard drive and choose upload
    3. Name the file and add a description
    4. The file will now be in your "Recent Items" Inventory folder
  7. To apply this texture to your object, go to the "Textures" tab
  8. Click on the texture (Looks like wood)
  9. This brings up a "Pick Texture" dialog box
  10. You should see your uploaded texture in My Inventory- Click on it and hit "Select..."

  1. Once this item is in your inventory, drag it into your world
  2. First you need to determine where it is you want your teleporter to go
    1. To do this go to desired location
    2. Take note of the three numbers at next to "Help" in the top menu bar, they look something like 100,50,20
    3. These three numbers are your current location (walk around and watch them change)
  3. Now go to where you want to put your teleport item and drag it into the world (This should show up in your inventory as "Set Destination name here"
  4. Right click on this item and choose "edit"
  5. Change the Name to what you want the location to be called
  6. You'll see the "Description" field is just 3 numbers, this is where you are going to put the three numbers you took note of before BE SURE TO KEEP THE greater than and less than signs in there <100, 50, 20>

Other items....

Renaming Landmarks

I think this was asked during the workshop, but I'm not sure it was answered. I didn't know at the time but have since figured this out. To do this follow these simple steps:
  1. Go to "World->Create Landmark Here"
  2. Once the Landmark is created, you don't have the opportunity to rename it at this point but that is
  3. You'll get a pop-up that says "Teleport Now" and "Show on Map" you can safely close this
  4. Go to your inventory and make sure the "Recent Items" Tab and you'll see a folder for "Landmarks", simple right click and choose rename