I teach organic chemistry (CHEM241) in the northeast corner (SLURL). Students are not required to make use of the Second Life resources.

The blue obelisks are used as quizzes. When students click on them 4 images appear. Clicking on a correct images generates the next set of images while clicking on an incorrect one makes the student start over. There are usually 20-30 sets of images and I also run these as races. Students start at the same time and the first one to complete the set wins a prize (a book or molecular model kit).

I also provide a few sample screencast recordings of my lectures. The viewer currently available does not permit skipping ahead or rewinding so it is more convenient to view the lectures on the class wiki.



My research involves the synthesis of anti-malarial compounds. In Second Life I can display some of the molecules that we make in 3D to help show how they bind to the target proteins. One of my recent presentations at the American Chemical Society is also mounted in a slide viewer.