The goals of the Drexel Libraries' SL project are to:
  • Experiment with using SL as another outreach or service delivery “channel”
  • Experiment with ways to use the VR-spatial dimensions toward teaching or information sharing goals,
  • Experiment with hosting synchronous meetings
  • Increase opportunities to support/ collaborate with faculty & staff
  • Learn more about gaming & network with others

The initial project of the Library has been to help Library Staff get familiar enough with the platform to support Drexel faculty efforts in SL. It is also to explore how our existing content on our website may be inhanced by presenting it using the the affordances of the SL platform. To that end we adopted the "pod, stem, leaf" arrangements JC Bradley uses for each academic department on the eastern half of Drexel Island. For the Library, each base "pod" will profile a librarian subject specialist and each "leaf" sprouting from the stem is devoted toward the "research guides" that each librarian maintains on our website with research guidance for a particular discipline. Each leaf will host images of the most important research tools for that discipline, and serve as a container for whatever other tutorials and materials the librarians may have in the future. The expectation is that as faculty begin to teach on SL, they'll have the option to link into discipline-specific research guides within SL that direct students to appropriate resources in RL (real-life) and SL. Here's a picture of how we are getting started:

Here's a draft description of the purpose our space is supposed to serve:

Welcome to the Drexel Libraries Second Life Plaza!
This area highlights the many resources available through Drexel Libraries for doing research in each discipline within the University. Each of the different-colored “trees” surrounding the Plaza is maintained by the Librarian Subject Specialist responsible for that discipline. The base of the tree has information about the Librarian. Each “leaf” at higher levels offers links to specialized resources for the relevant department or sub-discipline. The leaves correspond to the “research guides” for each sub-discipline that can be found on the Drexel Libraries website.
Disciplines include: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 [will be named and hopefully links to the intdivual “trees” included.]
Note – links into Drexel subscribed resources require authentication and are limited to current students and faculty.
While construction is still in progress, we invite you to explore the links we have and contact us via email with any comments or questions at Thanks for visiting!