I direct the Behavioral Health Counseling undergraduate program in Drexel's College of Nursing and Health Professions. I am interested in developing interactive learning resources in applied topic areas such as addiction counseling, psychiatric rehabilitation, assessment and treatment planning and related topics associated with our curriculum. I am grateful for the work that Jean-Claude, Beth and others have done to make this island available and look forward to guidance in making good use of its resources.

In the news:
Some of the links I have made in displays on the 8th floor have been to a great web site in Canada, Well in the 8/21 edition of the Globe and Mail, Canada's national newspaper, there is a story about this linkage which was nice to see in print, particularly since it provides good press for Drexel in Canada. The link to the newspaper story follow:

Recent additions:

MUSIC in the High-Rise
For several weeks I have been trying to figure out how to get music in the high-rise building on Drexel Island. It has now been accomplished. Anyone who is in the high-rise should now be able to hear music if they click on the musical note tab located at the bottom of their viewing screen. Volume may be adjusted by using the sliding volume control also located near the musical note tab. If you wish to not hear any music while visiting the building, either refrain from turning on the music at the note tab or if it is on, click the note tab to turn it off. If you have the music tab activated and you are hearing music in the building, it will cease immediately upon exiting the building. I am open to requests for different kinds of music to be played and will vary it according to input from those who wish to hear music. The player I am using has a wide variety of stations from jazz to classical to rock to new age and several varieties in between.
Clay Cazalet Posted Today 6:56 am

Visitors to the 8th floor on Drexel Island (SLURL) can now make use of the "Virtual Bar" which demonstrates through a website link how blood alcohol levels increase after variables such as age, weight, food consumed while drinking, type of alcohol and how fast one drinks are entered. secondlife-postcard(7).jpg

Another addition to the 8th floor is the group meeting area underneath the URL poster for the Behavioral Health Counseling web site at Drexel's College of Nursing and Health Professions. Special "pose balls" are being added at the seats so that those sitting in the comfortable seats can assume more natural poses while sitting. These pose balls were free and I will be happy to share them with anyone interested.secondlife-postcard(5).jpg

While walking around the island it seemed that with the exception of a few benches, there really isn't much vegetation. So, at the tip of what would be Mario's lower jaw, I've added a small park-like setting with two red benches where visitors might relax, catch a breeze off the water and discuss their plans for further enhancements to the island. All of the items in the park were free from various places in SL.secondlife-postcard(6).jpg