The School Store is a building on Drexel Island where items can be obtained to build content.

Also visit the Second Life Boutique.

Ground Floor (Requested Tools) - right click and buy them for $0 Linden

  1. Board with URL (put in description under General tab) tutorial
  2. Board with SLURL (put in description - hit history button then link to teleport)
  3. Board with teleport (same island only - put location in description like this <number1,number2,number3> tutorial
  4. PPT Board (multiple image board)
  5. PPT Controlled Board (for sale for 1 Linden in Eloise Pasteur's Vendor)
  6. How to Document Sources in SL
  7. Assessment Ball - Right click, edit, more, content tab, double click notecard, replace existing questions with your own, click save, tap it, add your email address.
  8. Chair and Sofa Box - This is a collection of free seating objects.
  9. Drexel Visitor Counter - This little tool will count your visitors. Simply buy for 0L. place it near your door, and tap it once to get it started.
  10. Box of Business Suits.
  11. HOLO Emitter - This tool automatically creates 12 different environments (from castle to conference room). The cheaaper version can not be modified; they more pricey one can be added to incude your set up.
  12. SL Presenter combines video and still JPEGs.
  13. Trash Can - Right click and select harvest for a free gift.

Requested Objects