Drexel Island on Second Life

Drexel Island will be shutting down in April 2011

Migration to OSgrid currently in progress

The College of Arts and Sciences and Drexel Libraries have purchased an island on Second Life to support teaching, collaboration and the promotion of our resources. The island is available to the entire Drexel community. Contact Jean-Claude Bradley for information about participating.
Note that anyone can visit the island but to build you must be part of the Drexel Teachers group.
  1. Instructions for getting started (note: Second Life is usually down for maintenance Wednesdays 9:00-15:00 EDT)
  2. Drexel Island Mailing List
  3. Policies
  4. Map
  5. People
  6. Groups
  7. School Store
  8. Updates about the island will be posted on the Drexel-CoAS-eLearning blog.
  9. Workshops
  10. Reserve Rooms
  11. Molecules on the Island
  12. Second Life Resources for Educators