Getting Started Guide:

1. In order to access Second Life, first create a free account at http://secondlife.comand download the most recent software.

2. You will be sent to Orientation Island by default, but it is not necessary to do anything there. (Many people find the default orientation island confusing. Ron Comer suggests using this island instead /scholar/110/84/26 - please give us feedback if you try it.)

3, Close out of the Second Life program then click on this SLURL: /Drexel/125/175/25

4. A page will pop up with an orange button asking you to teleport. Just click it, and the program will load and take you to Drexel Island.If a map comes up just click on the map button at the bottom to remove it.

5. If you are using a PC, use arrow keys and PgUp/PgDn to move around. If you are using a mac, use arrow keys and ctrl and mouse to move around.