The College of Nursing and Health Professions has a long history of seeking out new technologies to enhance our ability to prepare our students to be able to practice effectively in a very dynamic, technology driven health care environment.

Our goal is to create a cohesive and sequenced curricular system for the development of student competencies related to patient-centered care, EBP, teamwork and collaboration, informatics, quality improvement, and safety. We are seeking new opportunities to integrate simulation learning activities within each nursing course and think that SL provides a unique environement for us to be creative.

For example, SL could be used to develop 'professional behavior' skills; team collaboration; managing interpersonal conflicts (i.e. the difficult patient); communicating 'bad' news, explore patient safety issues and much more--all in a safe and controlled environment.

SL can offer faculty an additional tool to conduct 'authentic' assessments of student competencies by allowing us to structure a realistic environement that allows us to observe the student's actions. I think as the technology evolves, we will be able to do considerably more...I am thrilled to be part of this!

To get started Nursing can take up the 4th floor of the main building (slurl).