If you are currently involved with Drexel Island or would like to be, add your name and describe your activities, plans and thoughts. List your real life and Second Life names.

  1. Jean-Claude Bradley (Horace Moody) Chemistry, CoAS
  2. Beth Ritter-Guth (Desideria Stockton) English, LCCC
  3. James Herbert (Karate Heberle) Psychology, CoAS
  4. Tim Siftar (Jack Lapointe) Library
  5. Fran Cornelius (Bellastella Vella) Nursing
  6. Ken Hartman (Ken Greer) DEL
  7. Rebecca Brown (Maude Bracken)
  8. Caroline Feenan (Rondelle Snook) CNHP
  9. Ron Comer (Clay Cazalet) Behavioral Health Counseling
  10. Ed Longazel (Sumney Zenovka) College of Medicine
  11. Matt McKeon (Dwight Unsworth) College of Business
  12. Erik Poole (Epoe Dagger) College of Business
  13. Eloise (Eloise Pasteur) - developer
  14. Nancy Eagan (Nancy Emms) Library
  15. Jessica Colditz (Evana Ferraris) Bradley Chemistry Lab
  16. Ray Lum - (TiQue Ling) School of Public Health
  17. Joshua Roberts (Joshua11 Swindlehurst) School of Public Health
  18. Don Pellegrino (iDon Writer) PhD Student, IST
  19. Christine Haas (Clementine Humby) College of Engineering
  20. Keith Reichardt (Blane Mills) Drexel eLearning (DEL)
  21. Josh Roberts (Slosh Quackenbush) Library
  22. Tara Martin (Gordita Whitfield) Library
  23. Solomon Evans (Kingston Ireton) School of Public Health
  24. Tim Ehrlich (Tim Stevenson) Computer Enigineering, CoE
  25. John Morris (JohnWhoIsKnownToBe Wise) IRT
  26. Jay Carandang (Zazie Raymaker) CS
  27. Sean Brown (Digital Despres) IRT / Biomed
  28. Christopher Stewart (Zaldar Rhode) Film & Video Student, CoMAD
  29. Gary M. Childs (LibraryGary Grut) Health Sciences Library
  30. Andrew Duffy (Duff Perfferle) Steinbright Career Development Center
  31. Lora Furman (Lora Littlething) Steinbright Career Development Center
  32. Julie Allmayer (Bettina Klaar) IRT/CoL
  33. Robert Hart (flobear Hastings) PhD Student, Biomed
  34. L. DeVaughn Nelson (Cary Writer) Library
  35. David M. Hallowell (Luke Trilling) Drexel Learning Center
  36. Alan Hecht (Sunday Barbecue) College of Business
  37. Mike Scheuermann (Mike Sheridan) IRT
  38. Hagerty Library shared avatars (Dula Dawg & Dule Dawg)
  39. Christopher Carrico (Kabiri Galli) Culture & Communication, CoAS
  40. Kathryn Tirjan (kathryn Enimo) Dean,s Office, CoAS
  41. Robert Brulle (Robert Blaukempt) Culture & Communication, CoAS
  42. Vanessa Irvin Morris (marchena Rajal) Library & Information Science, IST